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About us

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NDS company was founded in 1999. Initially, the company provided services involving the renovation of old and used irrigation equipment, originating mainly from imports. Gradually, the company broadened the scope of activities of the sales to new machines and accessories for used machines.

Currently, the company specializes in the design and supply of complete irrigation systems for agriculture. We try to combine the best technology in the field of irrigation with its own technical view. When designing new irrigation systems we use equipment offered by such companies as: Grundfoss and LFP, Hydro-Vacuum (pumps), Sime, Sigma (sprinklers). From 2003, the NDS company sold and run in Poland, approximately 200 pieces of new and more than 150 used irrigators.

We design and construct modern electric powered pumps, pumping systems with a capacity of 7.5 kW to 120 kW with complete automatic control (also remote).

Since 2005, NDS company extended the offer for seeders, planters in collaboration with Sfoggia, machinery for soil preparation (Ortiflor, Badalini).

Moreover company has experience in selling and designing devices for efficient and effective management of slurry, including diffusion, separation, mixing and pumping.

In 2010 we started cooperation with the Caffini company that produces sprayers, and Forigo company, which has a wide range of machinery for soil preparation.

We serve the entire cross-section of households from a few acres of family farms to large agricultural companies with an area of ​​several thousand acres of land.

Our goal and motto is to provide professional and comprehensive customer service.

We guarantee high quality equipment at affordable prices.